2011 Climate Knowledge Brokers Workshop Report

How do you begin a conversation on how web initiatives can collaborate more effectively? Creating a map of who is doing what, how, and for whom, is good a first step. This was how the Climate and Development Knowledge Brokers Workshop held in Germany in June 2011 kicked off. The ‘knowledge map’ that was created – in the form of a six-part matrix showing priority subject areas, audiences, and approaches – is already a useful resource in charting potential collaboration options.

The Workshop started with the hypothesis that “surely we can do this job better if we are talking to each other.” But it ended up going well beyond that in turning good intentions on collaboration into a concrete action plan. It agreed on four joint projects, three future discussion areas, a Climate Knowledge Brokers working group, and as many as 42 individual bilateral follow-up actions.

The report and a short summary can be found in the links below:

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