CKB Tools

This page offers information on the different tools collaboratively developed by CKB members, with or without the cooperation of the CKB Coordination Hub.

Climate Search

Climate Search offers users a quick and easy way to find reliable resources on many topics related to climate change. It searches all portals included in the Knowledge Navigator Database, and offers translations and related search topics based on the Climate Tagger’s Climate Thesaurus.

Knowledge Navigator

The Knowledge Navigator functions like a ‘who is who’ of climate information portals.Users can search a directory of more than 100 platforms, selected for the quality and reliability of their resources, and refine their search by geographical and thematic focus area.

Climate Tagger

Climate Tagger is a suite of tools which automatically organises and tags large volumes of content related to climate change and development. If you produce resources on climate change that are currently not indexed and therefore difficult to find and underused, Climate Tagger can help!

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