What is Climate Search?

The Climate Search was specifically developed to allow a faster way to find the climate-relevant data you are looking for. It catalyzes all portals of the curated Knowledge Navigator database and the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group into one search engine. To make the search for climate relevant information even more convenient, the Climate Search uses Climate Tagger’s Climate Thesaurus to provide auto-complete suggestions, as well as related topics and options to narrow down searches. And it works in the five different languages of the Thesaurus: English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. Pro tip: if you select a term from the auto-complete drop down menu, it can translate this into the other languages (where translations are available).

Currently, Climate Search offers the following features:

  • Autocomplete
  • Refine search (after a search, shows up either below the search or in the widget on the right)
  • Related terms search (after a search, shows up either under the search results or in widget on the right)
  • Search in 5 languages, adjustable to context of website
  • Translation of selected terms from autocomplete
  • Plugin for word press (everyone with a word press installation can easily install and offer this)

If you would like to add Climate Search to your WordPress website, you can download the plugin here (we’d be delighted to get an extra shout-out on your blog for that!).

Should you miss your website or platform on Climate Search or want to add it to the Knowledge Navigator directory, please get in touch with info[at]climateknowledgebrokers.net or fill in the submission form and we will get in touch.

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