What is Climate Tagger?

Climate Tagger is a suite of tools which automatically organises and tags large volumes of content related to climate change and development. If you produce resources on climate change that are currently not indexed and therefore difficult to find and underused, Climate Tagger can help!

The tool analyses your resources and tags them with relevant keywords from the expert-curated Climate Thesaurus. It then links them to similar resources on your platform and, if desired, on other platforms too. For even more accurate tagging, choose a broad topic before starting, such as ‘renewable energy’. Additional Climate Tagger plugins also offer the option of adding mouse-over definitions and translations, extracted from the Thesaurus, for key terms. Climate Tagger is continuously being updated and expanded, most recently by widening the scope of the thesaurus to include terms specific to climate change in small island states (in collaboration with SPREP and CCCCC) and new terms related to renewable energy policy and technology (in collaboration with IRENA).

If you would like to…

  • learn more about Climate Tagger: please visit the website at http://www.climatetagger.net/
  • use Climate Tagger on your website or platform: visit the website at http://www.climatetagger.net/ and download the WordPress or Drupal plugin (under Climate Tagger Tools), or register to implement the API
  • collaborate with us to expand the Climate Tagger: please get in touch with Denise Recheis, Climate Tagger Product Manager: denise.recheis[at]reeep.org.
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