What is Knowledge Navigator?

The Knowledge Navigator was developed in a joint project of organizations within the CKB, lead by the Institute for Development Studies (IDS). It was launched in 2013, and it functions like the ‘who is who’  of climate change information portals. It aims at helping users navigate the ocean of available information on climate change. Users can search a directory of more than 100 platforms, selected for the quality and reliability of their resources, and refine their search by geographical and thematic focus area. Since 2016, the Knowledge Navigator directory has been connected to the Climate Search.

If you would like to…

  • add the Knowledge Navigator to your website: please find instructions here, and add an attribution to the CKB and IDS
  • add your website or platform to the curated list: please get in touch with info[at]climateknowledgebrokers.net or fill in the submission form.