The Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto in Three Minutes

The Manifesto is a response to having to keep explaining what knowledge brokering is. Virtually everyone – from donors to our grandmas – asks this question. The Manifesto helps to clarify the role for everyone.”
Geoff Barnard, CDKN and Chair of the CKB Steering Group

Whether you are new to climate knowledge brokering yourself, or you are a climate knowledge broker and would like to explain to your boss (or your grandma) what you do exactly – we have made this video to help!

The video gives an introduction to the what and why of climate knowledge brokering. Below, you will find an exercise designed to help you get into the mindset of a climate knowledge broker.

Exercise: Think like a climate knowledge broker

Think of a decision maker you are familiar with in your own local/national context who is likely to make decisions that are sensitive to climate variability and change. Remember, decision makers can be found at all levels, not just in governments. It could be you! If you need more inspiration, watch the video Why Knowledge Brokering is Key to Climate-Resilient Development, and look at the case studies provided.

  1. Describe your decision maker in detail. Where does she/he live? In what context does she/he need to make these decisions? What assets (information, networks, tools, etc.) does she/he have to draw upon to make these decisions?
  2. What kinds of information might your decision maker need to access? Remember, it may be information to guide them through a complex decision making process, it may be specific data, or it may be knowledge gained by others.
  3. What kinds of barriers might your decision maker face in accessing, interpreting, or using this information to guide their decisions?
    • Supply-side barriers: Is the information available, in the right language/format, at the right time, for the right price, etc?
    • Demand-side barriers: Does your decision maker have the skills, habits, biases, etc. that would allow them to use and trust the information in question?
  4. What do you think climate knowledge brokers could do to support your decision maker and address these barriers? Why? What kinds of skills or attributes would be important to perform this brokering role?
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