Climate Tagger: Automatic Tagging for Drupal & CKAN launched

climatetagger_logoREEEP[1] and CTCN[2] have recently launched Climate Tagger (, a new tool to automatically scan, label, sort and catalogue datasets and document collections. Climate Tagger now incorporates a Drupal Module for automatic annotation of Drupal content nodes and a CKAN extension. Climate Tagger is part of the CKB “shared tools” and addresses knowledge-driven organizations in the climate and development arenas, providing automated functionality to streamline, catalogue and link their Climate Compatible Development data and information resources.

Climate Tagger for Drupal is a simple, FREE and easy-to-use way to integrate the well-known Reegle Tagging API[3], originally developed in 2011 with the support of CDKN[4], (now part of the Climate Tagger suite as Climate Tagger API) into any web site based on the Drupal Content Management System[5]. Climate Tagger is backed by the expansive Climate Compatible Development Thesaurus, developed by experts in multiple fields and continuously updated to remain current (explore the thesaurus at The thesaurus is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. And can connect content on different portals published in these different languages.infografik1

Climate Tagger for Drupal can be fine-tuned to individual (and existing) configuration of any Drupal 7 installation by:

  • Determining which content types and fields will be automatically tagged
  • Scheduling “batch jobs” for automatic updating (also for already existing contents; where the option is available to re-tag all content or only tag with new concepts found via a thesaurus expansion / update)
  • Automatically limit and manage volumes of tag results based on individually chosen scoring thresholds
  • Blending manual tagging

Climate Tagger[6] brings together the semantic power of Semantic Web Company’s PoolParty Semantic Suite[7] with the domain expertise of REEEP and CTCN, resulting in an automatic annotation module for Drupal 7 with an accuracy never seen before,” states Martin Kaltenböck, Managing Partner of Semantic Web Company[8], which acts as the technology provider behind the module.

Climate Tagger is the result of a shared commitment to breaking down the ‘information silos’ that exist in the climate compatible development community, and to provide concrete solutions that can be implemented right now, anywhere,” said REEEP Director General Martin Hiller. “Together with CTCN, REEEP and SWC laid the foundations for a system that can be continuously improved and expanded to bring new sectors, systems and organizations into the climate knowledge community.”

For the Open Data and Linked Open Data communities, a Climate Tagger plugin for CKAN[9] has also been published, which was developed by developed by NREL[10] in cooperation with CTCN’s support, harnessing the same taxonomy and expert vetted thesaurus behind the Climate Tagger, helping connect open data to climate compatible content through the simultaneous use of these tools.

Further reading and downloads

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