Linked Open Data: The Essentials – Climate Knowledge Brokering Edition

‘Linked Open Data: The Essentials – The Climate Knowledge Brokering Edition’ is a manual for decision makers and climate knowledge brokers looking for a quick yet solid introduction to the concept of Linked Open Data (LOD). This book offers up-to-date information on the LOD landscape, case studies related to climate knowledge brokering, and quizzes so you can test your knowledge of the material.

Learning Objectives

After reading this book, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of what Linked Open Data is
  • Know how adopting Linked Open Data principles can benefit your work as a climate knowledge broker
  • Know how to begin developing a Linked Open Data strategy for your organisation
  • Know what needs to be done technically to open up and publish data sets
  • Know how to add value to your own data sets by consuming LOD from other sources

To test your knowledge of the material after reading the book, complete the quizzes below.


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