Knowledge Brokering Success Stories

Many organizations and individuals are constantly and successfully brokering climate knowledge, some even without actually calling it that. We have collected a few success stories of knowledge brokers, who describe what they did and how they have impacted their audience.

We are still collecting more stories, so if you feel inspired and want to contribute, please feel free to do so and email us at

Submitted Success Stories

  • Knowledge Broker Success Stories: CDKN’s “What’s in it for…” Thanks to the recent projects to promote the findings of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), CDKN has gained great insights on the role that climate knowledge brokers can play in contributing to policy and public dialogue.This article describes what we did to translate the IPCC’s deeply technical scientific findings for policy and popular audiences, ...
  • Knowledge Broker Success Stories: weADAPT The demands for climate change adaptation knowledge are widening and constantly evolving, thereby requiring a dynamic and collaborative response. In this context, weADAPT is a collaborative web-based platform aimed at enabling practitioners, researchers and decision-makers across the world to easily access and share knowledge relating to climate adaptation.
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