Manifesto Launch Resources

On September 17th, the CKB will be launching its “Manifesto”. To support this launch, we invite you to help us getting the message out through a variety of ways and channels.

Manifesto PDFs for easy distribution:

Send out a Manifesto “Launch Pack” (hard copies or digitally)

The Manifesto Launch Pack consists of the following items, some of which you can download and change as appropriate to your addressee:

  • an introductory letter to recipients (feel free to personalise as you see fit): Intro Letter to Manifesto Recipients (.docx)
  • the printed version of the full Manifesto,
  • the Manifesto pamphlet – a short version to quickly explain the essentials –.

Additionally, you can print and include the items below with the Launch pack.

PR & Press Releases (embargoed until Thursday 17th September)

A pre-formulated press release is available for your use; in fact, we do have one fairly generic one, and in addition we have ones that are more sector specific, outlining the relevance and importance of the Manifesto the climate knowledge brokering roles. Of course you are more than welcome to also create your own or change ours as you think is appropriate.

You can find the press releases here: Manifesto Press Releases

Social media

On social media channels, all messages related to the Manifesto and the CKB generally should have the hashtags #ckbrokers #manifesto (Look at the results on Twitter). Additionally on Twitter, feel free to mention the CKB Groups Twitter handle @ckbrokers.

Also, we have created shorter URLs for social media use:


We have also thought about a blog post to publish for the online world. You can see our post here: Blog posts from other pages and authorts will be collected here when they become available and known to us.


Manifesto Image Portrait

CKB Manifesto_Front Page

Manifesto Image Landscape

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CKB Logo

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