New Report Celebrates 3 Years of CKB Achievements, 2014-2017

Download the report here.

This report celebrates three years of CKB activities and achievements, since the establishment of the CKB Coordination Hub at the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) in Vienna, Austria. The report is divided into three parts which reflect the most important aims of the group: Reaching Out – to climate knowledge brokers who can benefit from participating in the network, as well as to the public at large; Creating Connections – among climate knowledge brokers and with other stakeholders such as decision makers and knowledge producers; and Facilitating Innovation – creating a collaborative environment for the development of both new technical tools for climate knowledge brokering and new methodologies to understand the needs of users and potential benefits of new interventions.

The report shows how CKB has grown over the past three years. From a group of mostly European- and American-based climate information professionals focusing mainly on online tools, it transformed into a highly diverse network of knowledge brokers performing a variety of roles both on- and offline. Around 35 percent of the current members are based in the Global South. Despite this growth in numbers and scope, CKB has managed to maintain its friendly atmosphere, with peer support always coming before the promotion of one’s own initiatives. This is most evident at events such as the Annual Workshops.

Though much has been achieved in the past years, the mission of CKB is far from complete. The demand for the work of climate knowledge brokers will continue to grow, as more decision makers will need access to relevant climate information. The CKB network will continue striving to make this information available, while staying true to its principles of working together and learning from each other. If after reading this report you would like to find out more about CKB, get involved or explore opportunities for collaboration, please get in touch at

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