This page gives an overview of recent CKB publications

Turning Information into Knowledge and Action for Climate Change: Three Years of CKB Activities and Achievements 2014-2017

This report summarises three years of activities and achievements of the CKB and its Coordination Hub, hosted by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP).

Download here, more information here.

Climate Knowledge Brokering in Latin America and the Caribbean

This study analyses the main obstacles to effective climate knowledge brokering in Latin America and the Caribbean, based on interviews with knowledge brokers, users and donors active in the region.

It is available in Spanish and English. More information here.

Linked Open Data: The Essentials – The Climate Knowledge Brokering Edition

This second edition of REEEP’s highly successful Linked Open Data manual for decision makers has been adapted to match the needs of climate knowledge brokers. It contains new case studies of successful climate knowledge brokering initiatives which use Linked Open Data, and quizzes for readers to test their knowledge of the material.

Download it here.

Climate Knowledge Brokers Workshop 2016 Report

This report summarises the discussions and conclusions from the 2016 CKB Workshop, and gives a good insight into how CKB operates and what the unique strengths are of its community of practice.

Download it here. Videos of the workshop referenced in the report can be found on this page.

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