The 7 CKB Principles

Principles of CKB:

  1. People who are trying to address the impact of a changing climate deserve high quality information to support them in their decision making.
  2. CKB champions the importance of climate knowledge brokers in ensuring high quality climate relevant information is available and accessible to all who need it.
  3. We believe that understanding user needs in their multiplicity is the starting point for effective climate knowledge brokering.
  4. We are committed to learn together to improve the effectiveness of climate knowledge brokering.
  5. We support climate knowledge brokers in choosing appropriate tools and methods to address their users’ needs, including intelligent use of digital technologies.
  6. We apply collaboration as a standard in our work.
  7. We promote open knowledge; meaning we have an open mindset, are actively seeking to share our knowledge and want to work with others who have the same attitude.

For further details have a look at the Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto.

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