The Coordination Hub

The Coordination Hub was established to enable the CKB to work together and learn from each other in a more streamlined, organised fashion. It‘s main tasks are:

  • Coordinate networking efforts between members
  • Provide tools and services for collaboration,
    learning and fundraising
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of collaboration
  • Awareness raising and outreach for group
  • Organise workshops and learning events (face-to-
    face and virtual)
  • Support the steering group, including in operations,
    governance and voting

Tools and Services

One of the main tasks of the Coordination Hub is to provide tools and services to all CKB members, to enable a more streamlined communication and the possibility to easily work together on joint projects as well as learning from each other‘s efforts, activities and initiatives. Therefore, the Coordination Hub will provide the following:

  • Collaboration tool
  • Set up and facilitation of
    • Joint project proposals
    • Project management
    • “Funding Radar” for topics of interest
  • Communication and Outreach services and materials
    • Website
    • LinkedIn
    • Templates and marketing material

Contact the Coordination Hub



Climate Knowledge Brokers Group
c/o REEEP, VIC, Room D-2169
Wagramer Strasse 5
1400 Vienna

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